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Mobile Schedule

Chamber of Commerce Member

Check out our daily mobile schedule! Thats right Windy City Grills won't stay in one location, we are a high demand BBQ resturant so we choose to please all of Middle TN and surrounding cities. Satsifying everyones taste buds.

Check out our contact page to preview our daily location times and maps.
Windy City Grills is a proud member of the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce. Helping to make important decisions, bringing new ideas to our local community as well as giving back right here!


Giving Back to Westmoreland

Looking for something different for your catered event?  Windy City Grills can provide you and your guests with a variety of different meal ideas.  We’ve got you covered, from a full on site Windy City BBQ feast, to a cocktail reception with a selection of unique appetizers.

Want to add a unique touch to your wedding?  We can bring the Windy City Grills Wagon to your venue and serve your guests a late night snack.

Contact us at 615-947-6248 and let us take your guests on a Windy City Grills Venture!
Windy City Grills is always striving to give back to our local community. Giving free hot dogs, chips and drinks to our local children and police offers during the 2016 Easter egg hunt, raising funds for Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital by donating 100% proceeds from the sale of Windy City Grills hot dogs, chips & drink to supporting the Pancake Breakfast with 100% proceeds going to the local seniors.

It is a pleasure to give back, thank you Westmoreland, TN for the opportunity.  

Thank You

We never would have been able to expand Windy City Grillwithout the help and support of all of the awesome people below.

 To all of you we say thank you!

All of our friends and family that helped spread the word!
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